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Hypothalamic Amenorrhea - Losing a Period as a Weightlifter

Hypothalmic Amenorrhea in Female Weightlifters – The Dark Side of Being Too Lean.

This article gets a bit personal, and I've been sitting on releasing this one for several months now because of how close it cuts to my heart. But, I realize the best thing that I CAN do in order to inform everyone else and to bring light to such a ...
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Bod Pod Body Fat Measurement and Experience as a 53kg Female Weightlifter @weightliftingwoman

Bod Pod Experience & Results as a 53kg Weightlifter

I've always wanted to really know what my body fat percentage was - I have tried those handheld devices that sends faint electric signals through your body to measure the amount of "water" a few years ago back in my triathlon running days. Back then I weighed around 113lbs ...
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Throwing Out The Scale vs Being Defined By Weight Class - Weightlifting Woman

Throwing Out the Scale vs. Being Defined by your Body Weight – Strict vs Intuitive Eating for Weightlifting

Boy, do I wish I could just throw out the scale one day and not care about what it says. Wouldn't that be great? More and more women are now starting to realize and adopt the idea that they should "throw out the scale" - Who cares about the number ...
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Body Weight Scale Woman Issues and Weightlifting

Dealing with Woman Issues as a Weightlifter

I remember one point when I was some middle school age where my mom told me "never to lift heavy weights" because I'll look so..."manly". HA. I certainly don't look MANLY now. Doesn't it feel great to just totally disprove that theory? I mean, look at the thousands upon thousands ...
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Never Too Old TO Start Weightlifting - Weightliftingwoman

Are You Too Old To Start Weightlifting?

What is age, really? My husband posted a video yesterday to facebook of a 63kg, 40-yr old woman who just bench pressed 325 lbs...more than most well-trained men can even do! At the age of FORTY, this woman is accomplishing great things. I'm not even 30 yet, and ...
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Five Things I Learned at American Open 2016 Weightlifting Woman

5 Things I’ve Learned from the American Open 2016

A few days ago, shortly after I arrived back home after bringing home my first podium finish (Bronze, baby!), my coach Greg asked me to send him 5 things that I learned at the American Open 2016 (along with 5 goals that I have). At first, the task made ...
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Be Inspired be the Inspiration - Finding Motivation - Weightlifting Woman

Be Inspired, Be the Inspiration. Finding the Motivation to Make Change.

This post is for those of you who feel that there's no way you can achieve the same things I have done, or there's no way you can be as disciplined, as driven, as accomplished...you feel so overwhelmed with change (yet you've always dreamed of having a much better lifestyle ...
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Training With The Seasons - Taking Intensity Easier Cover Photo

Training with the Seasons & Taking It Easier!

In other words...why your workouts are probably leaving you feeling more out of shape and beat up more than usual this summer! Sorry it's been quite a couple of months since I've posted - I've been going through some MAJOR life changes lately...so some updates to catch you all up: ...
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When Cues Don't Work Or Resonate With You Weightlifting Woman

When Cues Don’t Resonate With You

Why do you, coach, always throw the same five words at me all the time!? I don't even think I'm any better!!! coaching cues...some creativity necessary. Ever had a coach throw out a couple words or cues while you're lifting and they just didn't seem to make sense, ...
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Conundrum of Calorie Counting Header Photo - Calculating vs Intuitive Eating @weightlifting woman

The Conundrum of Counting Calories – Calculative vs Intuitive Eating

Choosing what to eat (and how much to eat) would be a lot less stressful if you didn't have to worry about the number on the scale, right? Let's get right to the point. Yes, I do measure the amount of calories and macros that I eat, and I am ...
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