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This post is for those of you who feel that there’s no way you can achieve the same things I have done, or there’s no way you can be as disciplined, as driven, as accomplished…you feel so overwhelmed with change (yet you’ve always dreamed of having a much better lifestyle than what you have now).

Sorry if this is a very ego-driven piece. But of course, I know despite all that I myself have accomplished…I also look up to people who have even grander accomplishments than I – those who compete internationally, or who have won Nationals, or who made it to the Olympics.

There’s NO WAY I’ll be able to get there either (or can I?)!

So we see these “polished” people who seem to have everything—they seem to have it all put together. We compare ourselves to them and believe we can’t ever make it there.

So why bother?

This post is less about weightlifting technique, per se, and more about finding drive and motivation to accomplish the goals you want to achieve.

When I first started my journey towards getting in shape, towards running marathons, getting involved in crossfit, and competing in weightlifting…I did it because I was inspired by others and their accomplishments – I was inspired by what my friends, colleagues & peers were doing and what they could do, and the goals they achieved.

I started simply by being inspired by a co-worker who was training for his first half-marathon, and decided heck, I’ll try that myself…what do I have to lose other than feeling better about myself each day for trying to work towards a more positive goal. Even if I wasn’t the best “runner” ever, or ended up finishing in the bottom half of all racers, I was working towards a positive change each day.

And well…one thing leads to another

and that brings me to where I am today.

But, I see a lot of you also wanting to make change in your lives…wishing upon being healthier, being stronger – and it seems too steep of a mountain to climb.

How can you possibly be inspired by someone who is already well polished and accomplished?

I mean…it’s overwhelming, right?

Wouldn’t you rather be motivated and inspired by someone who literally started at your level, with a similar background, experiences, lifestyle, physical ability…yet went on to achieve these major, inspirational goals?

At times, I see people envy the lifestyle of others who seem to have it all…these people seem to stay on top of their health and nutrition; they’re strong, fit, dedicated, and always seem to be working towards bettering themselves. They seem to have it all put together.

Yet we feel we can’t possibly ever do that. No way we’re that disciplined to get to that level.

But what we don’t realize is that these people DO have the stories and the struggles behind them that motivated them to get to where they are now, and they’ve been working at it for weeks, months, and years building up these better, healthier habits…slowly polishing themselves shinier each day.

And as each day passes by where we tell ourselves, “nah, I can’t ever do that,” they spend each day continuously picking at working towards a more positive change, climbing higher. It comes through just small tasks each day – just making it to the gym; making the right nutritional choices one day at a time; just getting out on that 30 minute walk; just taking the time to do it. And in the end, all those days spent turn into weeks, then months, and then years of constant progression – and then they’re suddenly at the top of the mountain when we’ve still stayed at the same starting elevation because we didn’t believe that one small change a day could get us there.

The thing is for some of youyou can’t be inspired by these people who seem to have it all put together.

Literally you can’t. It’s too overwhelming.

So my advice to you: Don’t wait for people to inspire you.

Instead…do it because you want to inspire others.

If you’re having trouble finding inspiration to make change because you’re looking for people who share the same struggles and lifestyle as you…


Because honestly, there are other people out there just like you, on your level, who are looking…waiting to see change happen from people who are just like them. So why wait for them to do it? Do it yourself. Be the change you wish others to see.

But remember, change doesn’t happen instantly.

It happens over just doing one thing each day, no matter how “easy” or trivial that may seem (because some days you find you won’t want to do it but you need to), and consistently doing that one thing each day until you don’t even have to think about doing it anymore.

You just do it.

Stop waiting for things to suddenly be drastically better. While you’re sitting there, sitting in the same place, pondering what you need to do to be better, I’m over here doing one more small positive thing each day to move myself further up the mountain. Somedays, I only move one or two steps, but I’m at least further up than where I was yesterday.

Be the Change You Wish Others to See - Motivational Quote - Weightlifting Woman

So I ask many of you, who are trying to find the motivation to stay on top of your health and fitness no matter what stage in life you are – maybe you’re hoping to compete in a meet soon, or just looking to make it to the gym 3 times a week at minimum…or hoping to just feel healthier about yourself:

Who do you want to inspire?

Who is one person whom you know looks up to you for what you do? Who do you want to be an idol for?

Is there someone out there who doubts you…who thinks that you’re unable to take on and accomplish the challenges you’ve always wanted to face…but you want to prove them wrong?

Is there someone out there who you know WILL be looking to you for motivation because they care and trust you? A friend…a child…a loved one?

Perhaps that someone is…yourself?

I know…I know…some of you are thinking, “I shouldn’t be changing because other people want me to…I need to do this FOR MYSELF!

But sometimes, “for myself” is not what motivates us all. Some of us need to feel that others are watching us, waiting for us, learning from us in order to feel motivated to change themselves. Some of us are naturally obligers and need that outer accountability and outer expectations of us in order for us to be motivated for change.

I do have a list of names…of people whom I know – friends, family, colleagues, who I wish would start to make more positive change in their lives – who I know complain constantly about their lifestyle, or complain about not being able to be “as awesome as so-and-so” and wish it was better all the time. And well, I have to accept that if they want to change, they have to find the turning point and the motivation on their own. There’s only so much that I can do on my end to help these people out…and that is just be human, be positively encouraging, and be an inspiration.

I’d rather be someone who demonstrates constant positivity and effort rather than the person who “just kinda goes with the flow because life controls her.”

No. I control my life and how I react to my life, and I want you to know that you have control too.

If you’re still looking for that turning point in your life…a reason to commit to change for the better and to start making new habits for yourself – then start doing it for the people in your life whom you want to be a positive role model for.

Actually, don’t focus on doing this for a lot of people…that’s too overwhelming. Too much pressure.

Just for now, focus on doing this for just one person.

Whom are you really doing this for?

Be inspired…but be the inspiration.