Body Weight Scale Woman Issues and Weightlifting

I remember one point when I was some middle school age where my mom told me “never to lift heavy weights” because I’ll look so…”manly”.

HA. I certainly don’t look MANLY now. Doesn’t it feel great to just totally disprove that theory?

I mean, look at the thousands upon thousands of women who do crossfit, weightlift, and still look ultra feminine – in fact, adding on a bit of muscle has actually give some women even MORE curves and definition. Flat bottomed girls become FAT-bottom girls with a new squat booty and wonder thighs. Stronger cores lead to better overall posture and upright sexy confidence.

Just celebrating International Womens’ Day  a couple days ago, it’s awesome to think that women are empowering themselves and becoming stronger in such sports that in the past seemed to have such resonance mostly with males.

So…this all sounds awesome, BUT…what’s the catch?

Well, I’m approaching my 30’s here shortly in the next couple years…and also approaching the time when I finally want to start having children.

You’d think that with all the fitness I’ve been doing,

…my low athletic heart rate,

…all the core strength and endurance capacity I’ve developed,

…being at a great BMI (not underweight and certainly not overweight),

…and especially all the focus on wholesome, real foods and great nutrition,

that you’d think I’d be MORE than prepared for womanhood and motherhood, right?


Actually, quite the opposite at the moment. 

These next few weeks I’ll be writing on topics that deal with women issues when it comes to the sport of weightlifting – mostly in a competition sense, but just looking at how weightlifting has it’s place in all of the notions and ideas about being a female, body image, preparing for motherhood, dealing with eating habits, and the like. Even if you are already a mother, I’ll definitely touch on things that definitely pertain to you. I certainly can’t write about ALL of them in one post since that’d be a freakin novel (and I might as well publish it as a book on Amazon, ha!)

Here’s a list of topics that I hope to cover and/or touch on in separate blog posts in the next several weeks, as I train through the soon upcoming American Open Series 1 and until Nationals in May:

  • Hypothalamic Amenorrhea – can it be a weightlifter’s problem too?
  • Food as Fuel – Struggles and insights in eating “by the numbers” versus intuitively.
  • The strive for to get away from 6-pack abs and low body fat
  • Periodizing training around periods
  • Dealing with the “throw away the scale” stigma when weightlifting is weight-class based